Baron’s Playoff Push Picks Week 12

I needed the one week break to get it together. Out of second place by six points, I need to start climbing in the standings. I unfortunately picked the Cowboys along with the Redskins and Vikings, and the After the Whistle team would confirm that if asked.

In the interest of entertaining the reader, I will only monologue—I mean explain the picks on which I differ from my After the Whistle competitor. On to the picks for Sunday!

Browns over Bengals (upset)

Cleveland will pick up a win eventually, and I think it will be here, off the back of a season-saving win over Denver. DeShone Kizer will figure it out eventually, and the Bengals will fall.

Panthers over Jets

Titans over Colts

Patriots over Dolphins (lock)

Bucs over Falcons

Ryan Fitzpatrick has to get a win sometime, with Mike Evans and Cam Brate to throw to. Plus, Tampa loves beating Atlanta.

Eagles over Bears

Chiefs over Bills

Seahawks over 49ers

Raiders over Broncos

Rams over Saints (marquee matchup)

Jared Goff and the Rams will get back on track against a Saints team feasting on mediocre opposition, a team whose running game won’t succeed against Aaron Donald and the Rams defense.

Jaguars over Cardinals

Steelers over Packers

Ravens over Texans

This week is going to be really boring.


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