Hilarious Google glitch will make football fans chuckle

We interrupt your scheduled afternoon to bring you. . . a Google glitch!

Tom Brady has faced off against the New York Jets 30 times, winning 23. Woody Johnson, the owner of the Jets, has plenty of reasons to be terrified of the Patriots without this Google glitch. As you see above this post, when one Googles “owner of the New York Jets,”  it isn’t Johnson, but Brady that shows up!

SHOCK NEWS: Kansas City Chiefs release Jeremy Maclin

One less wide receiver that the Chiefs have on their roster.

The Kansas City Chiefs announced that they have released star wide receiver Jeremy Maclin. The move will free up $10 million in salary cap money, but they still have to pay off a massive $7.2 million to Maclin over the next two years.

I’ll have more news for you all as the news is released. As of now, the news spoken of  is at a premium.