2018 NFL Draft Order and Analysis

The NFL playoffs may be shaping up, but the draft order is another unknown today’s games will solve. After the Whistle takes you through the order and the remaining spots up for grabs. This post will be updated live as results come in.

Confirmed picks 

1. Browns

2. Giants

3. Colts

4. Browns (via the Deshaun Watson trade with the Texans)

5. Broncos

6. Jets

7. Bucs

8. Bears

9-10. Raiders and 49ers (decided by coin flip!)

11. Dolphins

12. Bengals

13. Redskins

14. Packers

15. Cardinals

16. Ravens

17. Chargers

18. Seahawks

19. Cowboys

20. Lions


The current draft order is here.

Updates will appear below (all times CT). . .


The late games have started. Buckle up. It will be a wild ride.


The 49ers have jumped out to a 10-3 lead against the Rams. A loss could push San Francisco no higher than fifth, while a win could drop them all the way to 11th.


The Dolphins trail the Bills 10-0, and face a tough 3rd and 5 deep in their own territory. Miami seems locked in to the 12th pick, as the only scenarios that would interrupt this are unlikely:

1. MIA loss + CIN or OAK win (Dolphins move up to #11, and #10 if both win)


2. MIA win + ARZ loss (Dolphins move down to #13 due to strength of schedule)


The Cardinals just scored another touchdown to put themselves up 17-7 against the Seahawks. Arizona is dead-set on knocking Seattle out of playoff contention.


Here’s a rundown of the scores currently, with each non-Playoff team’s highest possible pick listed first and their lowest possible pick listed last.

Titans 15-3 Jaguars. . . Jacksonville is locked into the 3-seed in the AFC, while Tennessee is win-and-in.

Bills 22-3 Dolphins. . . Miami’s pick range is 10-13.

Bengals 24-17 Ravens. . . CIN pick range is 6-13, and they’re messing it up!

Chargers 30-10 Raiders. . . OAK pick range is 7-13. If you’re wondering about all the 13s, it’s because 5-15 is a jumbled mess.


Cardinals 23-14 Seahawks. . . Seattle will pick 16 or 17 if Arizona closes this out.

49ers 34-6 Rams. . . San Francisco is going to knock off LA and pick between ninth and 11th.

Falcons 16-7 Panthers. . . It looks like the NFC South will get three playoff teams. Not sorry, Seahawks. 😀

Chiefs 24-10 Broncos. . . Finally someone doesn’t mess up their draft stock! Barring an improbable comeback, Denver will pick fifth if Tampa Bay wins, but will slide to sixth if the Bucs lose.

Bucs 20-17 Saints. . . The Broncos are pleased. Tampa Bay will pick #5 with a loss and #8 with a win, due to strength of schedule. Thanks, NFC South.


Hold everything. Drew Brees connects with former Viking Zach Line to put the Saints up 24-20. As it stands, New Orleans will grab the NFC’s 3-seed and Tampa will pick #5 in the draft.


On a similar note, Blair Walsh drains a 49-yard field goal to shrink the Cardinals’ lead to 6. It’s 23-17 in the fourth. However, the Falcons have the ball with a six-point advantage over Carolina. The Seahawks’ playoff hopes are dwindling.


Wow, Seahawks. Russell Wilson goes deep to Doug Baldwin to pull Seattle in front, 24-23. Elsewhere, the Bucs pull within 1 of the Saints, also 24-23.


Haha. The Broncos have come back from two scores down to tie the Chiefs at 24. Elsewhere, a 13-yard scramble on 3rd and 5 by Marcus Mariota might have won the Titans a trip to the playoffs. Tennessee leads the Jaguars 15-10.


The Niners and Chargers have wrapped up blowout wins, while the Falcons extend their lead to 12. Football.


The Bills hold off a late Dolphins comeback, while the Falcons kept their lead at 12 all the way through a domination of the Panthers. The Titans, Chiefs, and Cardinals all finished off close wins, and the Bucs pulled off a massive 31-24 upset of the Saints. Week 17 was fun. Oh, and Blair Walsh shanked a potential game-winning kick again.


Movement in the draft! Picks 1-8 are confirmed, still pending Bengals-Ravens. The Bucs’ win over the Saints reduced their strength of schedule by four thousandths, which is enough to lift Tampa Bay into the #7 pick ahead of the Bears.


Bedlam in Baltimore! Trailing 27-24, Andy Dalton launches a 49-yard howitzer to Tyler Boyd, knocking the Ravens out of the playoffs and giving the Buffalo Bills the #6 seed.


With that, the top 20 picks in the 2018 NFL draft are confirmed. On to the playoffs! It should be a wild ride.